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Gling - AI Video Editing Software for YouTube

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AI Video Editing Perfected for YouTube Creators
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The Gling AI Video Editing Software is a content creation tool specifically tailored for YouTubers. Its primary function is to optimize creators' workflow by automating the trimming of unnecessary footage and verbal content, such as bad takes, silences, and filler words.

The aim is to streamline the process of transforming raw footage into engaging YouTube content. Addition to this, Gling provides an AI text-based trimmer that reviews and refines the video structure based on transcription.

Gling augments its editors with further tools improving the quality of the content. These features include AI-generated subtitles, noise removal algorithms, and an auto framing feature that adds dynamic to the video with automated zoom in and out actions.

Expand the viewer engagements, Gling equips creators with features to maximise the video's success. This includes YouTube-tailored title generator and chapter generator.

It likewise suggests ideas for subsequent video projects, aiding creators in maintaining consistent output. Lastly, Gling's platform supports seamless integration with popular editing tools such as Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and Adobe Premiere.

Edited videos can be exported directly as MP4 or MP3 media files, and subtitles are provided in SRT format.


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Jul 23, 2023
Selamat siang saya akan membagikan tutorial gimana caranya mengedit video di aplikasi capcut

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Pros and Cons


Automatically cuts silences
Edits bad takes
Removes disfluencies
Exports to XML timeline
Exports as mp4
Integration with professional editors
Free editing of first video
Budget friendly editing charge
Specific for YouTube creators
Text-Based Trimmer for transcripts
Noise removal feature
Auto framing capabilities
Title generator feature
Chapter generator for videos
Suggests next video ideas
English language video support
Optimizes creators' workflow
Transforms raw footage
Creation of engaging YouTube content
Tailored for YouTubers
Improves quality of content
Increases viewer engagement
Final Cut Pro integration
DaVinci Resolve integration
Adobe Premiere integration
Exports to MP3
Subtitles in SRT format
Desktop Compatible
Streamlines editing process
Removes filler words
Enhances professional look
Maximizes YouTube success
Automated zoom in/out
Video voiceover support
Manually refining option
Easy to use interface
Automated silence removal
Clip removal option
Increases productivity
Reduces editing time
Direct export option


Only supports English videos
Limited to desktop usage
Charges after first video
No mobile support
Limited export formats
Dependency on transcription accuracy
Requires internet connection
Feature-specific than comprehensive editing
No hardware acceleration support
One-off video processing fee


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Can I export Gling's edits as an mp4 file?
What additional tools does Gling offer to improve my video content?
How does Gling generate titles for YouTube videos?
Can Gling suggest ideas for my next video project?
Does Gling offer automated zoom in and out functions?
Can Gling remove background noise from my videos?
How can Gling help me maximise my video's success?
What does the Gling's free trial include?
How much does Gling charge for editing after the first video?
Which languages does Gling currently support?
Are non-English videos supported by Gling?
What are Gling's subtitles provided in?

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