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Transform raw footage into professional videos with one click.
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Vmaker AI Video Editor is an AI-powered tool offering a wide array of editing features for transforming raw video footage into professional-looking content.

The product provides a range of AI-driven functions that include automatically adding videos, images, GIFs, suitable background music, and relevant stickers based on the script.

It can also add appropriate transition effects between shots, generate subtitles in various languages, and execute smooth zoom-in and zoom-out transitions.

The AI technology matches the features of the video with suitable text animations, and generates intro and outro animations for the video. Utilizing smart suggestions and a full-fledged editing suite, users can refine their videos to perfection.

The tool also includes functionality for converting long-form videos into trendy, short-form videos, suitable for social media platforms. Vmaker AI can detect the high points in a video to create high-quality teasers, perfect as intros or standalone snippets.

Additionally, a feature-packed editing suite allows for timeline editing, audio enhancement, color adjustments, reverse playback effecting, speed adjustment, noise removal, subtitles and translations, and accessing a stock library of videos, images or GIFs.

The tool also enables seamless publishing onto social media platforms.


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Vmaker was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 22nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automatically adds content
Suitable background music
Relevant sticker application
Text animation matching
Intro and outro creation
Video refining suite
Long to short-form conversion
Teaser creation
Timeline editing
Audio enhancement
Color adjustment option
Reverse playback effect
Speed adjustment feature
Noise removal feature
Subtitle and translation features
Stock library access
Social media publishing
Background removal
Highlight detection
Automated subtitle generation
Automated transition effects
Enhanced video quality
User-friendly interface
Footage transformation
Broad editing features
Green screen effect
Professional-looking content creation
Filter application
Video flip feature
Integrated screen recorder
Tech stack integration
Seamless publishing
Content personalization
Forecasting features
Comprehensive editing tools
Video aspect ratio options
Seamless tech stack integration
One-click export
Content enhancement selections
Zoom-in and zoom-out transitions
Time-efficient editing
Footage customization
Automatic video improvement


Doesn't support all video formats
Dependent on pre-set styles
No manual subtitle editing
Dependent on generated smart suggestions
No non-linear editing mentioned
No support for 360 degree videos
Lack of advanced special effects
Limited stock library
No explicit support for 4K


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What is the 'smart suggestions' feature in Vmaker AI?
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How can I reverse the playback using Vmaker AI?
Can Vmaker AI remove noise from my videos?
What type of content is included in Vmaker AI's stock library?
Can Vmaker AI create intro and outro animations for my videos?
How does Vmaker AI add transition effects between shots?
Does Vmaker AI support video speed adjustment?
Can Vmaker AI be used to transform raw footage into professional videos with one click?
How does Vmaker AI match the features of the video with suitable text animations?
What capability does Vmaker AI offer for generating subtitles?
How does Vmaker AI enable zoom-in and zoom-out transitions in videos?

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