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Video editing with customizable templates.
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InVideo is an online video editing tool that allows users to create professional-quality videos using a range of premium templates, images, and music. It offers a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with no prior video editing experience.

With over 5,000 professionally-created templates, users can easily find designs suitable for any use case by searching via platform, industry, or content type.

Customization is made easy with drag-and-drop actions, allowing users to personalize templates with their brand's colors, fonts, and logos.InVideo also offers AI-powered tools that enhance productivity.

Users can utilize AI-generated scripts using basic text prompts or convert articles or blogs into videos using the text-to-video editor. The tool offers a comprehensive workflow, allowing users to upload images and logos, edit, and animate videos all in one place.

Additionally, users have access to over 8 million stock media assets directly within the editor.The platform caters to a range of needs, from social media success and brand growth to creating monetizable video assets and optimizing workflow efficiency.

InVideo offers various pricing plans, including monthly and yearly options, to suit different budgets.In addition to the online platform, InVideo also offers a mobile app for on-the-go video editing, with exclusive filters, effects, and transitions, as well as access to royalty-free music.

The tool is supported by a dedicated customer support team that provides assistance 24/7, and users can also access tutorials, courses, and a community of creators for additional guidance and feedback.


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InVideo was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 16th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


5000+ professional templates
Text-to-video tools
Upload, edit, animate videos
Access to 8M+ stock media
Voiceover recording features
Team collaboration support
Brand growth assistance
Efficiency optimizing workflow
Various pricing plans
Mobile App availability
Exclusive filters and effects
Royalty-free music access
24/7 customer support
Video tutorials and courses
Online community of creators
Simple and intuitive interface
Versatile use cases
Drag-and-drop customization
Social media strategy support
Can monetize videos
Removal of background
Bespoke graphic assets
Text-to-speech feature
Single click shortcuts
Cross-platform template search


Limited templates customization
No offline mode
No multi-language support
Slow rendering time
Limited voiceover options
No advanced editing features
Inefficient for large projects
Limited collaborative features
Lacks detailed user analytics
No free version available


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Can I upload my own images and logos into InVideo?
What does the InVideo workflow look like?
What kind of media assets does InVideo offer?
Does InVideo have a mobile app for editing?
What kind of support does InVideo provide?
What pricing plans does InVideo offer?
Does InVideo offer any tutorials or courses?
Can I create monetizable video assets with InVideo?
Can I record a voiceover for my InVideo project?
Does InVideo have features to assist with social media success?
Can InVideo help optimize my workflow efficiency?
Can InVideo be used for collaboration with a team?
Is InVideo suitable for different industries?
What is INVIDEO STUDIO that InVideo is changing to?

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