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Create videos from text with OpenAI's Sora model.
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SoraWebui is an open-source web project that utilizes OpenAI's Sora model to streamline the video creation process. The platform allows users to generate videos from text by leveraging the AI capabilities of Sora, a model developed by OpenAI that is capable of converting text into video.

Users provide text prompts to generate realistic and imaginative scenes, complete with character creation, motion simulation and intricate scene detailing.

This creates an accessible resource for both enthusiasts and professionals in video production and AI technology. SoraWebui also includes a component called FakeSoraAPI, a mock-up of the original not yet released Sora API.

This section allows developers to create and test applications in a simulated environment, mimicking the functionalities expected from the official Sora API.

For regular users, using the tool is as straightforward as inputting a description on their user-friendly interface, submitting it, and waiting for SoraWebui to create and provide the generated video on the website for view or download.

Website owners or developers can deploy and customize SoraWebui on their platforms, offering a versatile resource for enhancing video content capabilities.


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May 11, 2024
I had the same experience as Jeremy. The A.I., "FakeSora," doesn't generate videos at all. In conclusion, I wouldn't recommend even trying this.
Apr 30, 2024
The A.I. (FakeSora) does not generate videos as you instruct, you will not get what you want from the app. Just my experience.

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Pros and Cons


Open-source project
Video generation from text
Creates realistic scenes
Character creation capabilities
Detailed motion simulation
Includes FakeSoraAPI
Simulated environment for developers
User-friendly interface
Straightforward usage
Video ready for download
Platform can be deployed
Interface customization
Enhances video content capabilities
Web-based tool
API simulation
Accurate scene detailing
Enhances creativity
Simplifies video creation
Offers one-click website deployment
Can generate imaginative scenes
Resource for video enthusiasts
Automated video production
Early development and testing
Improves language understanding
Can generate multiple characters
Functionality mimics DALL-E Model
Allows input of video prompts
Flexible, can be deployed anywhere
User management tools
API integration for automation
Detailed project documentation
Inspires video creation innovation
Versatile resource for developers
Complements website's functionality
Reliable video generation
Creates varied video styles
Facilitates website enhancement
Responsive and interactive
Allows for professional usage
Provides unique video creation experience
Complete tool for video production


Open-source need technical skills
Depends on not released API
Only FakeSoraAPI for testing
No native app
Real Sora's integration unclear
No offline usage
Limited customization options
Limited API documentation
No commercial use guidance


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What is the FakeSoraAPI component in SoraWebui?
How can developers use the FakeSoraAPI of SoraWebui?
How can I use SoraWebui as a regular user?
How can SoraWebui be deployed on a website or platform?
What is the process to create a video with SoraWebui?
Can I view videos generated by SoraWebui on the platform itself?
Is it possible to download videos created with SoraWebui?
Can I customize SoraWebui to fit my platform's aesthetics?
What type of text prompts can I use with SoraWebui?
How does SoraWebui convert text into video?
Are there text limitations for generating videos with SoraWebui?
Can I use SoraWebui for professional video production?
How long does it take to generate a video with SoraWebui?
Can SoraWebui be useful for AI enthusiasts?
What is the role of SoraWebui in automated video production?

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