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Invoke: Complete control & ownership in generative AI creation.
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Invoke is an AI-based generative creation tool and custom AI model manager designed for professionals in various creative industries. It is specifically targeted at studios, enhancing their ability to create visual content.

Users can train AI models on their intellectual property and oversee every step of the production process, maintaining total control and ownership of their data permanently.

Invoke is versatile and applicable to a range of sectors including gaming, film, television, retail, architecture, and product design. It enables streamlined asset creation using a user's private IP, allowing the production of stunning, IP-appropriate visuals with customized workflows and models.

The platform also provides features for comprehensive control over the creation process. It combines AI image generation technology with a secure, practical user interface.

Warriors have a single platform to create, refine, iterate, and store images and production workflows. Invoke allows users to easily manage multiple projects and permissions with its multi-user capabilities.

They can create studio spaces for distinct projects and workflows, and manage access and permissions. The platform also allows secure management of custom models trained on user content.

Users have ownership and flexibility over these models, without constraints from proprietary platform lock-ins or commercial licenses. Invoke also offers solutions for enterprise-level AI deployment.

It helps safeguard against legal and compliance risks, providing single tenancy hosting, Single Sign-On integration, and an audit and activity log. In summary, Invoke is a comprehensive solution for professionals seeking to leverage AI in the creative process, offering a powerful toolset to generate custom imagery and manage AI models securely and effectively.


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Pros and Cons


Versatile and applicable sectors
Streamlines asset creation
Enables IP-appropriate visual production
Comprehensive control over process
Secure user interface
Multifunction platform for creators
Manage multiple projects easily
Multi-user capabilities
Create distinct studio spaces
Manage access and permissions
Secure custom model management
Offers user ownership flexibility
No proprietary platform lock-ins
No commercial license constraints
Safeguards against legal/compliance risks
Single tenancy hosting
Single sign-on integration
Audit and activity log
Custom imagery generation
Risks mitigation in deployment
Unified Canvas for creation
Workflow Builder for streamlining
Queue Management for generations
IP-appropriate asset generation
Refined Iteration for specificity
Sketch to full render
Custom Models for branding
Configurable spaces for team
Project-level Settings customization
Shareable Images and Prompts
Ownership of custom content
Specialized Model Creation
Base Model Upgrades
Single Tenant Hosting
Single Sign-On (SSO) support
Audit and Activity Log for compliance
Open source community edition
Cloud-based and locale options
Several foundational base models
Brings own models integration
100% ownership of creations
Supports openly licensed models
No training on your data
No sharing of your images


Requires prior IP ownership
May have enterprise-specific features
Reliance on user's models
Might need significant data management
Requires various access management
Potentially complex workflow settings
Batch edit capabilities needed
Possible need for hardware compatibility
Potential user interface complexity


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