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ByMichael Pigassou
Creating and narrating concise videos for your queries.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to explore topics in a new way through video?
Sample prompts:
Create a video explaining quantum physics.
Show me a video tutorial on making sourdough bread.
Create a video about the history of the internet.
Narrate a video story about a journey to Mars.
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Video GPT Gen is a GPT designed by Michael Pigassou. It is engineered to generate and narrate brief, engaging videos of up to two minutes long in response to user queries.

Particularly adept at illustrating complex topics in an entirely new light, it brings a revolutionary approach to learning and information consumption.

The utility of this GPT extends from eliciting explanations on intricate subjects such as quantum physics to guiding users through informative or practical video tutorials like making sourdough bread.

The GPT is not only confined to factual videos but can also create stimulating narratives on a diverse range of topics, such as a fictional journey to Mars.

This feature makes it versatile and highly relevant for various user-intended purposes, both educational and recreational. Users can interact with Video GPT Gen after signing up for the ChatGPT Plus.

This tool superbly integrates the interaction of text-input AI with video output, offering a novel, interactive experience.


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Video GPT Gen was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 5th 2024.
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