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Create video content from any text in minutes.
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Storykit is an AI-powered tool designed for creating videos from textual content. With its intuitive, user-friendly interface and collaborative capabilities, Storykit provides a comprehensive video creation solution that caters to a variety of use cases.

It aids an organisation's marketing, branding, and recruitment efforts by transforming text-based content like blog posts, reports, press releases, or customer reviews into compelling, high-performing videos.

The tool also offers a range of resources including webinars, blogs, podcasts, and customer case studies to provide inspiration and learning. An added advantage of Storykit is its enterprise-friendly nature.

It supports smooth workflow optimization, helps in cutting content costs by reducing the necessity for costly outsourcing, and results in faster publishing.

Users can create videos from scratch or utilize tailor-made templates to further simplify the process. It also maintains control without compromising on productivity thanks to its AI capabilities.

Storykit is suitable for any team looking to augment their content strategy with high-quality videos without needing extensive video production experience.


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Apr 18, 2024
Personally I think it's very business oriented and cannot be used for fun

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Pros and Cons


Creates videos from text
User-friendly interface
Collaborative capabilities
Suitable for various use cases
Supports marketing, branding, recruitment
Provides educational resources
Workflow optimization
Cost cutting
Faster publishing
From scratch video creation
Tailor-made templates
Maintain control and productivity
Need no video production skills
Quick content transformation
Multiple content input options
Easily customizable templates
Wide range of tutorials
Brand storytelling capabilities
Automated video production
High performing videos creation
Text-to-video capabilities
Streamlines content workflows
Content cost reduction
Reduced lead times
Safe for brand messaging
Supports high volume creation
Integrates text or URL
Downloadable video content
Customer reviews-to-video feature
Press releases-to-video feature
Reports-to-video feature
Blogposts-to-video feature
Potential to increase output
Multiple output format options
Cost-per-view reduction
No need for outsourcing


No offline functionality
Limited video editing tools
No multi-language support
Lacks custom branding
No social media integration
Doesn't support 3D videos
Limited template variety
Lacks native mobile app
Doesn't offer an API
Missing real-time collaboration feature

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