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Creates camera-free engaging videos.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered video generator that enables users to rapidly create engaging videos for a variety of purposes such as improving their rank on Google, social media, and repurposing their existing content.

The tool offers a straightforward way to create videos without needing a camera, which makes it ideal for users who do not possess video creation expertise.

Users can instantly transform their blog posts into videos by simply entering their blog's URL and selecting their preferred style. Additionally, uses ultra-realistic AI voices to create voiceovers in over 20 languages.

The tool provides several features that enhance the quality of the videos users create, such as automatic resizing, instant sharing to social media, subtitles and transcription, and one-click translation.

Users can also create videos programmatically using the REST API and can batch-create videos using the spreadsheet editor. The tool has a flexible pricing model that allows users to pay for the number of videos they create each month or buy video credits that they can use whenever they need to create videos. enhances SEO by creating engaging video content that Google loves, and its powerful features make it an excellent tool for marketing, training, and support.

Its users have reported significant increases in social reach and click-through rates.


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Jan 10, 2024
Effortless and high quality!

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Pros and Cons


Camera-free videos
Repurposes existing content
Blog-to-video transformation
20+ language support
Automatic video resizing
Instant social media sharing
Built-in subtitles and transcription
One-click translation
REST API for video creation
Batch video creation via spreadsheet
Flexible pricing model
Improves SEO ranking
Video credits system
Instant video script from prompt
Real time editing tips
Powerful features for various projects
Embed option
Live chat support
Increases social reach
Improves click-through rates
Can create blog post teasers
Handle customer testimonials
Creates how-to video content
Colours, fonts, and logos customization


No offline functionality
Limited voiceover options
Requires URL for blog conversion
No personalized style options
Potential language translation errors
Lacks advanced editing features
Pricing based on video output
Overly simplistic design capabilities
Could lose credits after downgrade
Limited social media platform compatibility


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How does work?
What are the key features of
How can I transform my blog into a video on
Which languages does support for voiceovers?
Does offer any editing assistance or tips?
Can I share my videos on social media directly from
What is the process to batch-create videos on
How does's pricing model work?
In what ways can enhance SEO?
What kind of increases in social reach and click-through rates have users reported?
What types of videos can I create with
Does offer one-click translation?
What are the benefits of using for my Google rank?
How does provide subtitles and transcription?
Can I programmatically create videos using
What support options does have?
What happens to my unused video credits on if I downgrade or stop using the service?
Can I customize the colors, fonts, and logos on my videos?

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