Video generation 05 Jun 2021
Supercreator AI
Mobile app for easy video creation.

Generated by ChatGPT is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make it easy and quick to create original short videos fast for TikTok, Reels, Shorts, and more.

The average time it takes users to make a video is 3 minutes and the median amount of videos created per active user is 10 per week, with top performing users leveraging the Supercreator app creating up to 65+ videos per month.

The app is designed to condense more than 100 tedious and time-consuming tasks into one simple application. It provides all of the textual and visual assets needed to create great videos in an innovative new way.

It can convert a blog post or article into a script, convert any piece of text into a script, get script suggestions based on a user’s location, create a custom script from scratch, and more.

Supercreator also allows users to create without limits by using series, automatically get suggested assets for every video they make, and make scripts from almost anything.

It provides AI-powered insights, alerts, and suggestions to help users create great content with the least amount of effort. The platform and app is designed to empower users to create content and better themselves on their journey to live life to the fullest while pursuing their passion.

Supercreator AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Luis Antonio Lanetti
· Jul 24, 2023
Is only iphone available

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Pros and Cons


Fast video creation
App interface
Designed for popular short video platforms
Converts text to script
Creates scripts from articles
Script suggestions based on location
Automated asset suggestions
Allows creation of series
Gets content from various sources
Reduces video production time
For all content creators
Efficient content creation
Can improve productivity
Creators report 200% improvement in creation speed
Elevates content quality
Drastically reduces filming time
Versatile content sources for script generation
Automates over 100 tasks
Good user satisfaction rating
Brings consistency in content flow
Good for aspiring creators
Priority access for creators
1on1 coaching for creators
Event, meet-ups, workshops for creators
Industry updates for creators
Brand partnership prioritization for creators
Smooth ideation to creation process


Limited to short videos
Only mobile app
Assumed Internet connection
No desktop version
May over-simplify complex scripts
Dependent on user's location
Requires frequent app updates
Limited customizability of video styles
Unspecified data privacy policies


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How does Supercreator provide AI-powered insights, alerts, and suggestions?
How does Supercreator's affiliation program work?
How can Supercreator help businesses?
How can I start using Supercreator?
Is there an early access or a beta version available for Supercreator?
What is the satisfaction rating for Supercreator?
Can Supercreator help with script suggestions based on the user's location?
How does Supercreator make scripts from almost anything?
How does the 'Article to Script' feature work in Supercreator?
How does Supercreator take care of tedious tasks while creating content?
How can I apply for Early Access to Supercreator?
Can I convert a piece of text into a script using Supercreator?
What are the key features of Supercreator app for video creation?

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