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From text to video, master all with AI.
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Steve.AI is a powerful AI Video Generator Tool designed to transform text into various types of video content. It offers users the ability to create educational, captivating, and personalized videos in different styles such as animations, GenAI, and live training videos.

Its patented AI technology can convert prompts, scripts, or even audio input into professional-grade video. The software harnesses proprietary image generation technology to augment text-to-video creation with a strong emphasis on accuracy and depth.

Besides, Steve.AI incorporates an AI avatar builder where users can create diverse, unique avatars to add a more personalized element to their videos.

This tool is also designed with an advanced AI video editor providing a wide range of editing tools. As an AI Video Generator, Steve.AI also provides access to hybrid assets collection including human-created libraries and AI-generated assets such as animations, background music, properties, and more to enhance video content.

Suitable for L&D Teams, Human Resources, Marketers, Educational Professionals and general users, Steve.AI allows the production of different kinds of videos while ensuring user-friendly functionality.

Steve AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 23rd 2022.
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Pros and Cons


100+ million assets
Plus-size and animal characters
Customization of videos
Upload own assets
Integrate custom branding
Wide template range
No credit card required
Efficient editing time
Text to Video
Script Conversion
Live Training Videos
Various output styles
Custom Image Generation
Audio to Video
FLawless lip-syncing
Large hybrid assets collection
95% Accuracy
8+ Video Styles
3+ Yrs Data Training
Subtitle Generation
Automated Social Media Graphics
Personalized drip emails
Trusted by global brands
Suitable for L&D Teams
Great for HR
Great for Marketers
Great for Educators
Videos for Social Events
Prompt to Animation
Billion Avatars
Variety video types
Captivating video generation
Complex concepts into videos
Fun and interactive learning
Swift onboarding
Personalized learning content
Efficient performance metrics


Requires internet connection
No offline version
Limited customization options
Requires script or prompt
No native mobile app
Limited avatar styles
Asset search can be slow
No real-time collaboration tools
Depends heavily on templates

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