Task automation 13 Jun 2023
Steve AI
Improved teamwork and productivity in projects.

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Steve is an AI tool offered by Linear that aims to streamline project management and increase productivity. It provides users with both a big picture overview and the ability to zoom in on tiny details in a simplistic language.

Steve helps users focus on important engineering marvels rather than project messes.The tool offers a three-step onboarding process, beginning with quick integration that takes only two minutes.

Users can then easily configure the tool and invite team members to collaborate. Once onboarded, Steve promises to bring clarity to workflows, avoiding chaos.Steve offers a range of features, including a basic AI chatbot, security measures, and personalized recommendations.

Users can try these features for free. The free version includes one Linear workspace, fewer than ten issues, and five prompts per month.For those looking for enhanced capabilities, Steve offers a paid plan called Evolve.

It includes all the features of the basic plan, with additional benefits such as unlimited issues, projects, teams, and real-time data updates. The next level, called Supercharge, provides even more advanced features, such as a custom knowledge base, custom integrations, a dedicated support manager, and custom models.In summary, Steve by Linear is an AI tool that simplifies project management, boosts productivity, and provides valuable features for teams of all sizes, from the free version to the more advanced plans.

Steve AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 13th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick 2-minute integration
Easy configuration and collaboration
Promotes clarity in workflows
Security measures
Personalized recommendations
Free version available
Paid plans for enhanced features
Includes real-time data updates
Offers custom knowledge base
Offers custom integrations
Dedicated support manager
Custom models provided
Big picture overview of projects
Facilitates focus on engineering tasks
Handles unlimited issues
Supports unlimited projects and teams
Accessible from one Linear workspace
Offers fewer than 10 issues
Allows 5 prompts per month
Unlimited prompts in paid version


Limited free version
No information on scalability
Not fully customizable
Requires onboarding
Limited issues on basic plan
Lack of transparent pricing
Unclear real-time update mechanics
Limited security details
Specific to Linear platform


What is Steve AI?
How does Steve AI improve teamwork and productivity?
What is unique about Steve AI's workflow?
How long does Steve AI's integration process take?
What does the onboarding process of Steve AI involve?
How does Steve AI enhance clarity in workflows?
What are the basic features of Steve AI?
Is there a free trial available for Steve AI?
What limitations does Steve AI’s free version have?
What does the Evolve plan of Steve AI offer?
How many projects, issues and team members can Evolve plan of Steve AI handle?
How often does the Evolve plan offer data updates?
What additional features does the Supercharge plan of Steve AI provide?
Does Steve AI offer a dedicated support manager for Supercharge users?
What are the custom models in Steve AI's Supercharge plan?
Can I get custom integrations with Steve AI's Supercharge plan?
How does Steve AI approach security?
How do the personalized recommendations by Steve AI work?
Can Steve AI be useful for teams of all sizes?
What does the term 'Linear’s big picture and tiny details in simple words' mean in the context of Steve AI?

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