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Generate stunning narrated AI videos in minutes.
GPT welcome message: Hi there! Ready to turn your script or idea into a video? Let's start!
Sample prompts:
Let's create a video!
Let's create an explainer video.
Let's create a youtube shorts video!
Let's start by creating a script...
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VideoMaker is a GPT designed to transform a wide range of textual inputs into narrated AI videos. These generated videos are optimized across various social media platforms including YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Shorts.

Any input file, whether it's an idea, document, or pdf, can be swiftly converted into an engaging video. This highly-rated GPT offers a quick and convenient alternative to traditional video content creation, significantly reducing the time, effort, and technical expertise required.Upon interacting with VideoMaker, users are greeted with a welcoming message encouraging them to initiate the video creation process from their scripts or ideas.

The GPT provides several 'prompt starters', suggesting tasks like creating an explainer video or generating a Youtube Shorts video.A unique feature of VideoMaker is its ability to generate a script before creating the corresponding video.

This GPT is, therefore, suitable for users who wish to visualize their ideas or present their written content in a more dynamic and visually appealing format.

The tool also requires the user to have a ChatGPT Plus subscription, perhaps suggesting integrated application and extended capabilities. However, regardless of your video-making skills, VideoMaker can effectively help bring your ideas to life in a captivating, albeit artificial, videography format.


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