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Craft on-brand & engaging videos in minutes using AI.
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Atlabs is a full-stack AI video platform specifically designed for businesses that seek to produce engaging and on-brand videos. The platform leverages AI-driven features and tools focused on simplifying and accelerating the video production process.

User interaction typically follows three key steps - inputting content, configuring various parameters and goals, and subsequently publishing the finalized product.

The system allows users to input text or import existing content, which it subsequently processes to generate a script. The platform houses an AI Assets Generator capable of creating or fetching relevant video assets.

Additional built-in functions include the setup of on-brand motion graphics for each video, the addition of overlays that enhance the main video, as well as the capability to resize and export videos with different aspect ratios instantly.

Moreover, the solution boasts an AI voiceover and captions feature designed to make videos accessible and engaging, supporting over 40 languages and featuring auto-sync captions with intelligently highlighted keywords.

Tool usage, as such, facilitates the production of quality videos with the aim of driving organic reach, fostering business growth, and monetisation. Atlabs has been created with all brand types and sizes in mind, with its intuitive interface not requiring any advanced technical skills from users.

Services are accessible via login, with customer support, and other resources readily available on the platform.


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Mar 31, 2024
Great video making AI tool. Helps me push out more social media content quickly with minimal effort. Pretty cost-effective too!

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Pros and Cons


Full-stack video platform
Simplifies video production process
Automated script generation
Creation of motion graphics
Multilingual support
Multifunctional video overlays
Instant video resize/export
Intelligent keyword highlighting
Assists in organic reach
Planned for all brand sizes
No technical skills required
Login access to services
Readily available customer support
Automatic aspect ratio changes
On-brand video creation
40+ languages supported
Easy content input
Video marketing functionality
Content creation capabilities
Brand promotion assistance
Facilitates business growth


Limited voiceover language support
Requires constant internet connection
Possible copyright issues with assets
Oversimplified interface
Limited customization for motion graphics
No offline capabilities
Inability to import own voiceover
No native mobile app
Relies heavily on text input


What is Atlabs?
How does Atlabs work?
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What is the AI voiceover and captions feature in Atlabs?
What languages does Atlabs support for voiceovers and captions?
How does Atlabs handle different video aspect ratios?
Can I resize and export videos with Atlabs?
What is Atlabs's approach to create on-brand motion graphics?
What type of content can I input into Atlabs?
How does Atlabs’s auto-sync captioning feature work?
How can Atlabs be used in driving organic reach and business growth?
Is advanced technical knowledge required to use Atlabs?
What resources and support are available for Atlabs users?
How easy is it to get started with Atlabs?
What does it mean that Atlabs is full-stack AI video platform?
Can Atlabs be used for video marketing?
What exactly is the Magic Resize & Export feature of Atlabs?
How does the AI script writer in Atlabs work?

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