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Let's create a video!
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VideoGPT by VEED is a generative pretraining transformer (GPT) that enables users to create and design videos employing artificial intelligence. As a tool built on top of ChatGPT, VideoGPT has been designed to help create engaging video content and boost audience growth.

It employs machine learning to generate and manage appealing visuals and integrates with ChatGPT Plus to provide a seamless user experience. Despite being in its beta phase, this GPT tool offers unique and cutting-edge features.

Users initiate the process by entering a chat to create a VEED video project. With prompt starters like 'Let's create a video!', the tool guides and assists the user throughout the creative process, streamlining video production.

The eventual aim for VideoGPT by VEED is to revolutionize video content creation by integrating advanced AI capabilities and offering an easy and effective way to generate stunning videos.

It is worth noting that this tool may require users to sign up for access, and it potentially requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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