Text to video 13 Nov 2020
Inksprout Video
Transform blog content into social videos.

Generated by ChatGPT

Inksprout is a powerful AI-based tool that enables users to quickly create engaging and bite-size social videos from their blog content. It starts by importing a blog post by URL and then uses AI-powered summarization to generate a summary of the article content.

Finally, users can generate videos based on the summary which can be quickly downloaded and shared on their marketing channels. Inksprout is currently in the process of being further developed and users can sign up to receive a reminder when it is ready to be used.

Inksprout Video was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Blog content to video
Generates video quickly
Video downloadable
Shareable on marketing channels
Sign up for updates
Start for free option
URL import
Automated content summary
Ability to generate multiple videos
Used for social videos
Bite-size video generation
Optimized for LinkedIn use
Early access opportunity


No instant accessibility
Limited to blog content
Requires URL for import
No direct integration options
Potentially biased summarization
Limited to text-to-video
Lacks variety in output
Dependent on blog structure
No customization options mentioned
Exclusively social video focus


What is Inksprout?
How does Inksprout turn blog content into videos?
Can Inksprout analyze any text or only blog content?
What is the process to generate videos with Inksprout?
Can I use Inksprout to generate videos for my marketing channels?
What is the AI-powered summarization feature in Inksprout?
How does Inksprout generate AI-powered captions?
Can I share the videos generated by Inksprout directly on social media?
Is Inksprout available for use right now or is it still in development?
How can I sign up for reminders about Inksprout?
Does Inksprout offer any free plans?
How accurate is Inksprout's AI summarization of blog articles?
In what formats can I download the videos made with Inksprout?
Can I customize the content of the videos created by Inksprout?
Does Inksprout only work with specific blog platforms?
Can I use Inksprout to promote blog content on LinkedIn?
How long does it usually take Inksprout to generate a video from a blog post?
Does Inksprout have an affiliate program?
Is there a document section to learn more about Inksprout features?
Where can I contact Inksprout for more specific questions or inquiries?

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