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Scripted video creation and editing with teleprompter.
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This tool is an AI-powered video creation platform that offers a variety of features to simplify the process of creating, editing, and sharing videos. It includes an AI script generator that can generate video scripts in seconds based on a brief description of the desired content.

The script can then be used with the built-in online teleprompter, which provides guidance for speaking to the camera professionally. Additionally, the tool offers an AI-based video editing feature that automatically identifies "ums" and pauses for easy removal during post-production.

Users can also edit footage by selecting unwanted text and deleting it, similar to editing text. The platform is accessible through the Vimeo mobile app, allowing users to capture videos using the built-in teleprompter and edit them using the advanced AI-powered editor.

The videos can then be shared from anywhere.Vimeo's AI-powered video tools aim to streamline the video creation process, making it accessible to users regardless of their expertise or budget.

The platform also provides features for video hosting, privacy, collaboration, and analytics. Overall, this tool offers an efficient and convenient solution for creating and editing videos with the help of AI technology.


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Pros and Cons


Script generator
Built-in online teleprompter
Professional speaking guidance
Identifies 'ums' and pauses
Text-based video editing
Use through mobile app
Video sharing capability
Multiple features in one
Expertise not necessary
Video hosting
Privacy features
Collaboration capabilities
Analytics features
Easy to use interface
One-take video creation
Script generation in seconds
Creation of new clips
Supports on-the-go editing
24/7 customer support
Screen recording
Interactive video
Virtual event management
Webinars and livestreaming
Ad-free player available
OTT feature
Video privacy controls
Video collaboration
SEO optimization
Automated chapter creation
Brand kit application
Viewing at 4k, 8k HDR
Audio with Dolby Vision
Video player customization
Security permissions management
Enterprise support
Dedicated account managers
Customizable user interface
Guaranteed uptime SLA
Help center
Developer support
Guideline adherence
Enhanced user experience
Content personalization
Single platform workflow
Built-in mobile teleprompter


Limited to Vimeo platform
No offline editing capabilities
Automatic editing may misinterpret
Teleprompter only online
No multi-platform compatibility
No advanced manual editing
Potential unexpected subscription costs
Dependent on mobile app
No API mentioned


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Does Vimeo provide features for video hosting and collaboration?
What is the one-take video creation on Vimeo?
How fast can the AI script generator create a video script?
What guidance does the online teleprompter provide?
How does the AI tool identify 'ums' and pauses during video editing?
Can I use Vimeo AI tool even with no video editing expertise?
What kind of videos am I able to create using Vimeo?
Where can I find the Vimeo mobile app?
How can the Vimeo AI tool help optimize my video for SEO?
Is there a demo for the Vimeo AI's 'delete for yourself' feature?
What customer support options does Vimeo provide?
What is the automated chapters creation feature on Vimeo?

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