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Generates unique music videos from text prompts online.
Generated by ChatGPT is a website dedicated to creating art with artificial intelligence. It offers a gallery of AI generated images, a blog, and an active Twitter account.

Through the blog, users can find tutorials on how to create AI music videos using an AI text-to-image model called Stable Diffusion. This model is capable of creating visuals that are influenced by input text and can be used to create stunning music videos. provides users with the resources to learn how to use this model and create their own AI music videos.


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Nov 28, 2023
There is no video generation available on this site. It's merely a blog featuring AI Videos from a single creator.

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Pros and Cons


Unique music video generation
Inspired by text prompts
Online-based tool
Educative blog
Active Twitter support
Stable Diffusion model
Visuals influenced by input
Contains a gallery
Tutorials available
Open to all users
Innovative concept
User-friendly interface
Interactive online community
Consistent updates
Open-source code on Github
Clear page titles
Responsive website design
Encourages creativity
No matching items required
No prior technical knowledge needed
Ability to share creations
Availability of models
Continuous learning opportunity
Quality of the visuals
Wide range of instructions
Evocative text-to-video conversion
Versatility in content creation
Dedicated space for art navigation
Clean and organized layout
Easy-to-follow tutorials
Strong support community
Dynamic content
Fast performance
Showcase of recent works
Promotes experimentation
Clear and direct instruction
Room for user customization
Provides artistic inspiration
Efficient content search
Easily accessible resources
Appropriate for all skill levels
Constantly expanding gallery


No direct video creation feature
No API access
Reliant on Stable Diffusion model
Lacks user-friendly interface
Missing mobile app version
Requires text-to-image learning
Limited to music videos
No real-time video generation
Doesn't support video exporting
No community support forum


What is AIArt Video generation?
Which model does use to generate music videos?
How can I generate a unique music video on
What role does text play in the creation of music videos on
Is there a tutorial on how to generate AI music videos?
How does the Stable Diffusion model work?
What resources does offer for AI music video creation?
What can I find in the gallery on
Can I see examples of AI generated images on
Does provide tutorials on other topics related to AI art?
Can I follow on any social media platforms?
Which AI models are used in's gallery?
Can I share the AI music video that I create on
Is Stable Diffusion an AI model?
How often does post new tutorials?
Is it necessary to have any programming skills to create music videos on
Does provide support or help with using the Stable Diffusion model?
Can any text be used as a prompt for the Stable Diffusion model on
How long does it take to create a music video on
What is the quality of music videos generated by Stable Diffusion on

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