Artistic video transformation using a single frame.

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EbSynth is an AI-powered video editing tool that enables users to transform footage by painting over a single frame. It is faster, stronger and easier to use than its predecessors and requires no additional hardware or software.

Using EbSynth, users can quickly and easily transfer their painted artwork to any length of video footage, with the tool automatically propagating the painted frame over the whole video.

Additionally, EbSynth is available as a free download, with users able to get updates on upcoming releases via a mailing list. Users can also engage with the company via its various social media accounts.

Ebsynth was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 2nd 2022.
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Giti Mortazavi
· Sep 9, 2023
It's too complicated for a beginner
JOB work Wroking
· Apr 30, 2023
its fun to get my SD image to live Try it

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Pros and Cons


Single frame transformation
Artistic video editing
Rapid propagation on videos
Requires no additional hardware
Easy to use
Free download
Regular update information
Strong community engagement
Allows artistic footage transformation


No mobile version
Lacks advanced editing features
No API integration
Only supports painting-based transformations
Doesn't support real-time editing
Limited social media engagement
No collaboration tools
Lacks multi-frame editing
No one-on-one customer support
In Beta stage (possible instability)


What is EbSynth?
How does EbSynth work?
What makes EbSynth different from other video editing tools?
Does EbSynth need any additional hardware or software?
How quickly can EbSynth transfer painted artwork to video footage?
Is there a cost associated with using EbSynth?
Where can I download EbSynth?
What type of updates can I expect from EbSynth in the future?
How can I connect with EbSynth on social media?
Can EbSynth transform any length of video footage?
Does EbSynth only work with painted artwork?
How does the video footage transformation process work on EbSynth?
Does EbSynth have a FAQ section?
Where can I submit my e-mail on EbSynth to receive updates?
Can I watch a video on how to use EbSynth?
Is the current version of EbSynth a beta?
What does 'bring your paintings to animated life' mean in the context of EbSynth?
Does EbSynth have a YouTube channel?
Does EbSynth support both Windows and MacOS?
What does the title 'Transform Video by Painting Over a Single Frame' describe about EbSynth?

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