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Transform hand-drawn illustrations with custom styles.
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The tool, called "图像转绘" (Image-to-Illustration), allows users to transform their images into hand-drawn illustrations using a variety of styles such as Disney, oil painting, comic book, and more.

Users can adjust the number of generated images, fix or not fix the original image effects, the dimensions, and the outline of the image. Additionally, users can choose from various image models such as conceptual scenes, characters, 2D to 3D animation characters, and more.

The tool also provides an option to clear the original image and convert it to a hand-drawn illustration by paying a fee of six credits. The website belongs to the company Graph Origin based in Beijing, China.

A login account is required to use the platform, and users can provide feedback by using the form provided on the website. Overall, the tool appears to be a handy and interactive way for novices to learn the skill of hand-drawing illustrations using artificial intelligence.


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Jun 28, 2023
Getting past all the Japanese and stuff, it doesn’t let me even log in. So I can’t use it either way. It let me use it twice without logging in, then just stopped
May 12, 2023
Bruh use English

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Pros and Cons


Customizable illustration styles
Adjustable image generation
Image effects control
Variable dimensions
Outline modification
Clear original image option
Various image models
2D to 3D transformation
Conceptual scenes creation
Interactive drawing learning
User feedback opportunity
Realm of image creation
Oil painting style option
Comic book style option
Character design models
Disney style availability
Ink style option
Elegant ancient style
Quick painting style
Variable image resemblance
Decide image action


Requires user account
Fee for certain services
Can't preserve original effects
Style options might be limited
Based in China (potential language barrier)
No offline version
Limited image dimension control
No API for developers
Restricted format/output choices
No mobile application


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What is the cost for converting an image to a hand-drawn illustration in 图像转绘?
What company owns the 图像转绘 tool?
Do I need an account to use 图像转绘?
How can I provide feedback on the tool?
Can I transform images into Disney style illustrations with 图像转绘?
Can 图像转绘 transform my 2D characters to 3D animation characters?
How do I choose different image models in 图像转绘?
Can 图像转绘 convert my image into a concept scene?
How can I determine the similarity of the output image in 图像转绘?
What does it mean to fix the original image action in 图像转绘?
What currencies are accepted by 图像转绘 for payment?
Can I transform my image into oil painting style with 图像转绘?


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