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ByPaul L Aherne Miller
Creating angelic images from your photos.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to create your personalized angelic image?
Sample prompts:
Upload a photo for angel transformation
Select wing style for your angelic image
Choose a color palette for your angel
Determine the mood of your angelic representation
Generated by ChatGPT

Make Me An Angel is a Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) that takes user's individual photographs and transforms them into personalized angelic images.

This tool leverages the power of AI, providing users with an interactive and visually engaging platform where they upload their own photo, then go through multiple steps to customize their angelic transformation.

Users have the freedom to choose various elements to add depth and customization to their picture. They have options to select the wing style and even choose a unique color palette to be applied to the angel theme.

Further customization can be made by determining the mood of the angelic representation, offering a wider array of styles and themes to choose from. Make Me An Angel is a GPT powered by ChatGPT Plus, discussing its operation would not be complete without mentioning the easy-to-use chat interface that guides users through the process.

The welcome message sets the initial tone, while prompts serve as the user's guide through the photo transformation process.To use this tool, a sign-up process is required, which helps maintain a personalized and saved workspace for every user.

Make Me An Angel provides a unique AI-driven endeavor that combines creativity with AI to generate a personalized experience, making it an innovative tool in the realm of AI image generation and editing.

This tool is part of the growing suite of applications built on top of the increasingly capable ChatGPT.


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