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Accelerates image variations for creative industries.
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Stable Diffusion Reimagine is an AI tool developed by that creates multiple variations of an image with different details and compositions.

The tool works by replacing the text encoder with an image encoder, and after encoding an image, it adds some noise to generate variations. Unlike image-to-image algorithms, this tool does not use a single pixel from the original image.

The tool is designed to help creative agencies, website illustrators, and concept artists create a large number of image variations for customers quickly and easily.

Users can upload an image and Stable Diffusion Reimagine will automatically generate three variations. The tool is easy to use, and users can either click, paste, or drop an image file.

Stable Diffusion Reimagine is part of a suite of AI image processing tools offered by, including Cleanup, Image Upscaler, Relight, Remove Background, Replace Background, Text Remover, and Text to Image.

The tool is not open-source yet, but the company has plans to release the algorithm on their GitHub in the near future.


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Pros and Cons


Generates image variations
Easy to use
Multiple upload methods
Supports large image quantities
Automatic variation generation
Potential open-source release
Replaces traditional text encoder
Different details and compositions
No pixel copying
Specific use-cases
Generates three variations
Relights images
Removes backgrounds
Upscales images
Replaces images' background
Available on Android and iOS
User-friendly API
Integrates with Figma
Integrates with Photoshop
Multifunction tools in suite
Fast processing time


Generates only three variations
Not open-source yet
No pixel usage from original
Dependent on image quality
No batch processing
No customization for variations
Lacks integration capabilities
No API for developers
Interface limited to click, paste, drop file
Doesn't specify output resolution


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