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ByJohnetta Kovacek
Compresses uploaded images, reducing size with quality retention.
GPT welcome message: Hello! How can I help compress your images today?
Sample prompts:
Compress my image.
Best settings for high-quality compression?
Reduce image size for email.
Solve image compression issues.
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Tiny Picture is a GPT designed to facilitate image compression while maintaining the quality of the images. The tool works by taking an uploaded image and reducing its file size without excessively compromising its visual quality.

This function is particularly useful in situations where storage space is limited or where large image files may present transmission or loading challenges, such as in emails or on web pages.

Moreover, Tiny Picture can offer suggestions for optimal compression settings to balance between file size reduction and image quality. Users can interact with the GPT using specific prompts to guide the tool's operation.

These prompts include requests specific to the user's needs, such as 'Compress my image', 'Best settings for high-quality compression?', 'Reduce image size for email', and 'Solve image compression issues'.Tiny Picture relies on the underlying ChatGPT infrastructure, and usage of Tiny Picture requires a user to have access to ChatGPT Plus.

Upon initiating interaction with the tool, users are greeted with a welcoming message guiding them on how they can utilize the tool to compress their images.In essence, Tiny Picture positions itself as a convenient, intuitive, and AI-driven tool for image compression and size-reduction tasks, aimed to help users optimally manage their image files and facilitate their electronic communications or web design projects.


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