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Enhanced images with various plugins.
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FixPix is an AI-based image processing software that offers a range of features for enhancing the quality and appearance of images. With its modular plugins, the software can perform basic image manipulations and filters, computational photography, restoration, and artwork using cutting-edge AI methods.

Some of the key features include image colorization, super-resolution, style transfer, cartoon and anime conversions, monochrome art, filters, facial feature enhancement, and more.

FixPix is available as a free downloadable software for Windows and macOS, with additional AI components that can be downloaded if required. The software has a simple and flexible API that allows developers to create custom plugins for specific needs.

FixPix also offers a fast browsing feature for directories with a large number of files and the ability to create bookmarks. The software's demo version is limited to processing 50 images and adds a small QR code on the bottom right part of the generated image.

The full version of FixPix requires a license, which can be obtained by submitting name and email information to the website. FixPix offers complete privacy protection and does not use cookies to track visitors.

The website contains a comprehensive list of legal information such as the privacy policy, disclaimer, and terms of service.


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Mar 11, 2024
Not many "editing" features, just overall image filters

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Pros and Cons


Modular plugins
Basic image manipulations
Computational photography capabilities
Image restoration
Artwork generation
Image colorization
Style transfer
Cartoon and anime conversions
Monochrome art
Various filters
Facial feature enhancement
Fast browsing for directories
Bookmarking feature
Customizable through API
No internet required for processing
Regular updates and improvements
Extensive help
Image collages
Unique transformations to images
Supports Windows and macOS
Can process huge file directories
Legal information available


Limited demo version
Adds QR code watermark
Lack of offline documentation
Not Linux compatible
License registration required
No online processing capability
Limited to image editing
Underdeveloped plugin library
Potential complexity for beginners
Paid features mandatory for complete access


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Can I create custom plugins for FixPix?
What is the API for FixPix like?
How does the bookmarking feature in FixPix work?
What is the difference between the free and paid versions of FixPix?
How does FixPix handle image colorization?
What are some examples of the style transfers FixPix can perform?
Can FixPix convert images to cartoon or anime styles?
How does Fixpix enhance facial features in images?
What filters are available in FixPix?
Can FixPix transform images into Monochrome art?
How often does FixPix get updated?
As a developer, how can I integrate my own image processing algorithms into FixPix?

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