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Enhanced image backgrounds.
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The Image Background Remover by Phot.AI is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that enables users to easily remove the background from their images for free and in a matter of seconds.

It uses object detection and segmentation to automatically remove the background and perform post-processing with a single click. The tool is part of Phot.AI's visual design platform that offers versatile AI photo editing tools for various use cases, such as e-commerce, marketing, professional photography, creators, and personal memories.

The AI Background Remover can replace or remove objects from images, as well as replace, remove, or blur backgrounds for professional-grade visuals without complex photoshop tools.

Users can also enhance images' quality, clear blurry pictures, increase photo resolution, and sharpen image details with the AI Photo Enhancer. Furthermore, they can remove text from images, remove watermarks from images, remove scratches and tears in old photos or fix lighting with other upcoming AI tools.The Phot.AI's AI photo editing suite is accessible to everyone, with endless possibilities of creativity, without the constraints of complex editing tools.

Users can create professional-grade product photography, high-quality product shots for their catalogs, brochures, hoardings, print ads, or elevate their personal memories.

The tool is highly recommended by professionals and photographers that find it easy, seamless, and effective.

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Pros and Cons


Free background removal
Versatile use cases
Single-click editing
Enhance image quality
Clear blurry images
Increase photo resolution
Sharpen image details
Remove text from images
Remove watermarks from images
Retouch old photos
Fix lighting
Elevate personal memories
Professional photo edits
Highly recommended by professionals
Removes or replace objects
Replace, remove or blur backgrounds
Passport Photo Maker
Video Background Remover
Video Enhancer
Full stack visual design platform
Creates professional product shots
Transform images completely
Very user-friendly
Seamless change of image background
Equally efficient on mobile and desktop
Removes object from photos
Generates unique backgrounds
Seamless photos final output
Ability to undo changes
Realistic image editing results
Seamlessly add objects to images
Inbuilt inpainting capabilities
Versatile photo cleaner
Quick removal of watermarks
Adjust exposure, brightness & color balance


No offline version
No collaborative features
Lacks batch processing
No plugin version
Limited platform compatibility
Excludes vector graphic support
Doesn't offer 3D editing
Absence of manual touch-up tools
No built-in tutorials
No free pricing tier


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