Image editing 17 Aug 2023
Textify by Storia
Customizable image text replacement.

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Storia Textify is an AI tool specifically designed to replace the gibberish text in AI-generated images with text of your choice. With a simple and user-friendly interface, users can upload their own images or choose from a selection of sample images provided.

By clicking on the canvas, users can input the desired replacement text directly. For those who prefer to remove the text without replacement, leaving the text box empty achieves this result.

Once all adjustments have been made, users can click on the "Textify" button, allowing the AI technology to work its magic and generate the transformed image.Storia Textify aims to streamline the process of editing AI-generated images and improve their overall coherence.

This tool provides a convenient solution for users who desire more control over the text content within images. Additionally, the platform encourages user feedback and feature requests, indicating an emphasis on continuous improvement and user satisfaction.Overall, Storia Textify serves as a practical tool in the realm of AI-generated image editing, enabling individuals to customize and enhance the textual aspects within these images effortlessly.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable image text replacement
User-friendly interface
Option to upload own images
Sample images provided
Direct text input on canvas
Option to remove text
One-click textify feature
Aims for user satisfaction
Accepts user feedback
Accepts feature requests
Enhances textual coherence in images
API Availability
Drag and drop feature


No multi-language support
No batch processing options
Limited image editing features
No cloud storage integration
No mobile app version
lacks precision in text placement
Requires JavaScript enabled
No OCR detection
No dexcription for visually impaired
Lack of user support channels


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How do I use the Storia Textify API?
Can Storia Textify be used without JavaScript?
Does Storia Textify completely remove gibberish text from images?
Can I replace text in any part of an image using Storia Textify?
Is Storia Textify compatible with all image formats?
Does Storia Textify alter the image quality?
Are there any limitations to the length or type of replacement text in Storia Textify?
How long does it take Storia Textify to transform an image?
Are there any restrictions on the use of Storia Textify?
Do I need to pay to use Storia Textify?
Can I save my edited images from Storia Textify directly onto my device?

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