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Photography enhancement for iOS devices.
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enhanceAl is an AI-powered photography app for iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. It is designed to improve the quality of photos taken with a smartphone or camera, and can be used to remove blur and noise, improve quality, and add detail.

It also offers an optional Super Resolution feature which can add up to 8x detail to portions of images or entire images up to gigapixels. The app utilizes image reconstruction technology, which uses a neural network trained from millions of examples of high-quality photos to make highly accurate predictions of high-resolution versions of low-resolution images.

It is also capable of creating huge images with more than a billion pixels. The Reconstruction mode can take a minute to several minutes, depending on the device, image resolution, and setting.

Super Resolution will take longer and is available as an in-app purchase with A.I. trained at 4x and 8x (available as 2x through 8x). Super Resolution is only available on iPhones with an A15 or better processor and iPads with M1 chips or better.

enhanceAl is free to download and offers a 3-day trial for its Super Resolution feature. The app also has a music feature to add music to Super Resolution videos.

Privacy policies may vary, so users should consult the developer's privacy policy for more information.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances photo quality
Removes blur and noise
Super Resolution feature
Up to 8x detailing
Gigapixel image capability
Image reconstruction technology
Reconstruction mode for images
High-resolution predictions
Works on iOS devices
Available for iPads, iPhones
Supports A15 and M1 chips
Free to download
3-day free trial
Music feature for videos
Multiple passes for damage
Super Resolution purchasable
Can add hyper-realism
Creates billion-pixel images
Automatic improvement
Re-enhance option
Fast processing option
Preserves EXIF and IPTC
Instant switching between modes


iOS only
Requires A15 or M1 processor for full functionality
Super Resolution is an in-app purchase
Time-consuming image processing
No Android support
Unclear privacy policy
Free version limitations
High hardware requirements
Requires iOS 15.4 or later
Limited language support


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Does the enhanceAI app offer any music features?
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Can enhanceAI add details to images that aren't damaged?

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