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Experimenting with creative mediums of thought.

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Midjourney is an independent research lab dedicated to advancing the imaginative powers of the human species. It is comprised of 11 full-time staff, an incredible set of advisors, legal and financial advisors, and Discord moderators and guides.

Their research and engineering team are focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI, with the aim of enabling people to explore new mediums of thought.Their team of executives includes David Holz, previously the founder of Leap Motion and a researcher at NASA and the Max Planck Institute, while their advisors include Jim Keller, the lead Silicon at Apple, AMD, Tesla, and Intel, and the coauthor of X86-64 and CTOTenstorrent, and Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second Life and CTO at RealNetworks.The team has also created a wide range of creative projects, from realistic cityscapes to abstract art, from virtual reality experiences to 3D renders of landscapes, from cyberpunk scenes to classic art works.

They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with AI tools, creating beautiful, powerful and imaginative works that are inspiring and awe-inspiring.

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Helli Lang
· Aug 29, 2023
Such a great place to start out!
Dmitry G.
· Aug 29, 2023
State of the Art.
· Aug 25, 2023
I used Midjourney initially to get started with ai image generation. I find now it's not as flexible as it could be, it has its own style. It's easy to tell what images were made with Midjourney. I use RunDiffusion now.

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Pros and Cons


Independent research lab
Large diverse team
Renowned executives/advisors
Multiple creative projects
Abstract to realistic imagery
Generates 3D renders
Explore imaginative thinking
Expands human creativity
Supports realistic representation
Specializes in unique designs
Promotes human infrastructure
Creates VR experiences
Generates classic art
Designs cyberpunk scenes
Advances technological boundaries
Community support (Discord)
Beta availability
Detailed documentation
Robust Gallery
Community Showcase
Multifunctional application (artwork, Infrastructure, VR)
Career opportunities
Broad creative spectrum
Support for multiple styles
Innovative experimentation


Not Open Source
Small team size
Relies heavily on Discord
Lacks diversified hierarchy
No clear product definition
No dedicated customer support
No evident API
Research heavy, product unclear
No clear mobile support
Limited information on interoperability


What is Midjourney?
Who are the founders and key people associated with Midjourney?
What are the main areas Midjourney focuses on?
Can I get a job at Midjourney?
What projects has Midjourney completed so far?
How can I get in touch with Midjourney?
What is Midjourney's relationship with Discord?
What kind of creative projects does Midjourney work on?
What's the connection between Midjourney and NASA or Max Planck Institute?
Who are Midjourney's advisors?
What is the goal of Midjourney's research and engineering?
Can Midjourney create a specific type of art or work, for example, realistic or abstract?
What AI tools does Midjourney use in its projects?
How can I use Midjourney's AI tools?
Is there any kind of support chatrooms or similar for user queries?
What is Midjourney's commitment to privacy?
How does Midjourney leverage design and AI for human infrastructure?
What is the significance of Midjourney's gallery?
What kind of roles do Discord moderators and guides play within Midjourney?
What kind of creative mediums is Midjourney exploring?

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