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A face-swapping solution for videos and images.
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Reface is an AI-powered face swapping app that allows users to superimpose their faces onto others in videos, GIFs, memes, and images. The app uses advanced facial recognition technology to map the user's face onto the target video or image with high accuracy and realism.

Reface is leveraging AI to create realistic face swaps, animate images, and bring images to life. With Reface, users can create videos with their faceswaps, share their artwork with the world, and even make images move and sing.

Reface also offers B2B solutions and in-app partnerships to enable businesses to use face swapping technology for their needs. The app follows the European Union’s labeling guidelines for AI and is working towards more innovative and creative applications of artificial intelligence.


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Pros and Cons


High accuracy face swapping
Works with images and videos
Animations in images
Create videos with faceswaps
Sharing feature in-app
Provides B2B solutions
Offers in-app partnerships
Complies with EU guidelines
Enables facial animations
Make images move and sing
Advanced facial recognition technology
Enables creation of GIFs
Empowers meme making
Realistic face-swaps
Customizable image animation


No offline capabilities
Limited image resolution output
Lacks batch processing
Requires regular updates
Images sometimes lack realism
Limited B2B customization
Subscription-based services
Potential privacy concerns
Lacks multi-language support
Inferior customer support


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What are the in-app partnerships in Reface?
Does Reface follow any particular AI guidelines or standards?
Can I share my artwork created with Reface?
What else can I do with Reface apart from face swaps?
What type of content does Reface support for face swapping?
Is it possible to add my face in any video, gif or image using Reface?
What is the technology behind Reface's facial recognition?
Does Reface have a subscription policy?
How does Reface protect user privacy?
What are the terms of use for Reface?
Can I use Reface for my business needs?
Does Reface have a community or user guidelines?
How can I contact Reface for further queries?

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