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Crafting creative prompts for stunning images.
GPT welcome message: Ready to craft amazing Midjourney prompts! What's your idea?
Sample prompts:
Create a Midjourney prompt for a futuristic cityscape.
Help me refine this Midjourney prompt: 'enchanted forest'.
Suggest a Midjourney prompt for a surreal artwork.
Guide me in making a Midjourney prompt for a vintage car.
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Digital Artisan is a Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) designed to assist users in crafting creative midjourney prompts for generating stunning images.

This GPT is a user-focused aid that supports the conceptual construction of potential imagery, focusing mainly on the 'Midjourney' phase of creative processes.

In this context, Midjourney refers to prompts or descriptions that guide the direction of creative artworks. Digital Artisan employs an interactive approach to work hand in hand with users, enhancing thought processes and enabling ideation towards creative tasks.

For example, it provides starters like 'Create a Midjourney prompt for a futuristic cityscape' or 'Guide me in making a Midjourney prompt for a vintage car', assisting users in refining their concepts into well-shaped artwork prompts.

It can also help in refining already available prompts, thus providing a diverse range of possibilities for creating detailed and inspired visuals. This GPT is offered by synthisage.com, a platform that appears to specialize in artificial intelligence-based creativity tools.

Please note that usage of this tool requires a strong internet connection and access to ChatGPT Plus.


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