Midjourney prompts 2023-10-16
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ByRaphael d'ascenzo
Crafting complex prompts for midjourney explorations.
GPT welcome message: Welcome! Ready to explore new depths in your midjourney?
Sample prompts:
Create a prompt for a mythical creature in a modern world.
Compose a prompt for discovering an ancient civilization.
Devise a scenario where magic is real and widespread.
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Journey Weaver is a GPT tool developed with the aim of crafting complex prompts primarily oriented at mid-journey explorations. Developed by Raphael d'Ascenzo, the tool is built on top of ChatGPT, and its functionality requires access to the ChatGPT Plus features.

Journey Weaver is designed to facilitate innovative and intricate storytelling or scenario development. Its main utility revolves around the creation of unusual, dynamic prompts that can be used as a starting point or a narrative structure for stories, role plays, and other forms of creative exploration.

For instance, users may leverage this tool to generate prompts around mythical creatures in the modern world, discovering ancient civilizations, or scenarios where magic is real and widespread.

With a welcoming and initiative approach ('Welcome! Ready to explore new depths in your mid journey?'), Journey Weaver aims to heighten the creative experience by assisting users in digging into unexplored realms of their stories or characters.


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