Creative prompts 2023-10-17
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ByDustin Hise
Transforming midjourney prompts with AI.
GPT welcome message: Hello
Sample prompts:
🎨What would you like to create today?🎨
📽️Let's Make a Movie📽️
💡Lighting and Camera Effects💡
🪄How about something Mythical and Magical?🪄
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PromptGPT is a tool built to function on the foundation of OpenAI's ChatGPT. This Generator Tool Penetrator (GPT) is designed by Dustin Hise with the purpose of facilitating the generation of creative and distinctive prompts.

It is specifically designed to serve as a guide and motivator for users looking to spark their creativity in various domains such as arts, film making, photography, as well as mythology-inspired ideation and storytelling.

Upon interaction, it welcomes the user with an opening message and offers a selection of creative starters. These starters nudge the user's creative process by prompting them with questions or suggestions ranging from 'What would you like to create today?' to more theme-specific prompts such as 'Let's make a Movie' or 'How about something Mythical and Magical?'.

The tool also incorporates technical elements of filmmaking into its prompts, such as 'Lighting and Camera Effects'. Access to PromptGPT requires ChatGPT Plus subscription.

By expanding the capabilities of ChatGPT, PromptGPT exemplifies how GPTs can be used to enhance user experience, stimulate creativity, and facilitate discovery of new ideas.


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