Prompts 19 Jan 2023
Generated prompts for artists and researchers.

Generated by ChatGPT

The Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator is a tool designed to help generate creative prompts for artists, researchers, and hobbyists. It uses recommended keywords to generate prompts that are inspired by the work of hundreds of independent artists, researchers and hobbyists.

The generator pulls from various sources, like Illustration Mundo, Kaikalii/Stable-Diffusion-Artists, Nightcafe's Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide, Prompthero's Stable Diffusion Prompt Guide, Willwulfken/MidJourney-Styles-and-Keywords-Reference, R/StableDiffusion, and more.

It also provides users with access to S.W.A.G. Studio, an early access feature that allows users to experiment with the generator's features and capabilities.

The Stable Diffusion Prompt Generator is a powerful tool for anyone looking to create unique and inspiring prompts for their creative projects.


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