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Refining prompts for ChatGPT with clarity.
GPT welcome message: #ChatGPT 4 Prompt Improvement Read all of the instructions below and once you understand them say "Shall we begin:"
Sample prompts:
What should the prompt be about?
Tell me more about your prompt idea.
Can you provide details for the prompt you have in mind?
What is the topic of your desired prompt?
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GPT 4 Prompt Improvement is a GPT that specializes in enhancing the efficacy of prompts for ChatGPT. The primary focus of this GPT is to improve clarity and facilitate interactive user experiences.

It involves a systematic process where it refines prompts provided by users, with the potential to increase the efficiency of user interactions with ChatGPT.

The GPT is designed for usage with ChatGPT Plus and requires users to sign up for access. Upon initiation, it offers a set of instructions and asks the user to confirm understanding before progressing.

It provides prompt starters like 'What should the prompt be about?' and 'Can you provide details for the prompt you have in mind?' among others, to guide users to input their initial idea for the prompt.

This points towards its goal of customizing the prompts as much as possible to cater to the user's specific topics or themes. Therefore, GPT 4 Prompt Improvement serves as an insightful tool that can effectively streamline the prompt creation process, making ChatGPT more user-friendly and dynamic.


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