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Sample prompts:
Write an SEO-friendly article on digital marketing
Compose an outline for a Q4 earnings report
Come up with 10 unique lead gen ideas for agencies
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SmartGPT is a GPT designed to automatically enhance prompts, transforming a basic prompt request into an advanced one. By doing this, it can significantly save users' time and yield superior results.

SmartGPT uses prompt engineering techniques that have been learned from experts to function efficiently. It provides a mechanism to generate more advanced prompts, making the user interaction more productive and tailored to specific tasks.

Some starter prompts for SmartGPT include 'Write an SEO-friendly article on digital marketing', 'Compose an outline for a Q4 earnings report', and 'Come up with 10 unique lead gen ideas for agencies'.

The core functionality of this GPT lies in its capability to elevate prompts for increased task efficiency. It should be noted that SmartGPT requires an active ChatGPT Plus subscription for effective implementation.

Overall, SmartGPT is meant for users looking for ways to automate and improve their prompt input process, especially when performing multiple complex tasks that require highly specific prompts.

The GPT is accessible via registration that will allow users to engage in an interactive session with the tool for prompt enhancements. Its highly recommended for tasks that require a high level of detail and sophistication in generating responses or ideas grounded on the user's initial prompts.

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