Prompt optimization 2023-10-23
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ByAlberto Marcos
Creating effective prompts for GPT models.
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The 'Prompt Enhancement Service' is a GPT that focuses on refining and enhancing inputs for other GPT models to ensure clarity, specificity, and effective understanding.

Users submit their initial prompts, which are then reformulated by the GPT to align with best practices for GPT interaction. This aims to result in more precise responses from the target GPT models.

The tool's primary objective is to aid users in creating more robust and effective prompts, thus improving the overall accuracy of GPT models in their tasks.

It requires users to have 'ChatGPT Plus' indicating a level of integration or dependency on the ChatGPT framework. The usage of this tool may therefore support a better interaction and superior results when working with GPT models, particularly those within the ChatGPT framework.

The author or developer associated with this GPT is Alberto Marcos.


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