Prompt optimization 2023-10-17
Bywa gaga
Analyzing prompts, offering scores and improvements to enhance effectiveness.
GPT welcome message: 你好,我是药剂师,请问我可以帮你什么?
Sample prompts:
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Bot is a GPT conceived by . The primary function of this tool is to analyse user prompts, providing ratings and improvement suggestions. It is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of user prompts.

Acting like a conversation guide, it allows users to submit their prompts for analysis and optimisation. The GPT's metadata includes a welcoming message for its users: '' (Hello, I am pharmacist, how can I assist you?).

It is programmed to kick-start the conversation by asking users to submit their prompts for optimisation. One of its fundamental requirements is the usage of ChatGPT Plus.

This tool, utilising the capabilities of the GPT, aims at aiding users to refine their dialogues or text-based inputs (prompts), ensuring their communication is effective and insightful.

Please note that to access this tool, users are required to sign up and log in.


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Bot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 19th 2023.
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