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ByLiliya Antonov
Guides prompt crafting and optimization
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Prompt Ninja is a GPT designed to guide users in crafting and optimizing prompts. Developed by Liliya Antonov, this tool is specifically designed to work in tandem with ChatGPT Plus.

Prompt Ninja utilizes natural language processing abilities to aid users with prompt creation by suggesting advice, frameworks, and optimization tips.

This tool is particularly useful for users navigating linguistic and contextual complexities when asking AI specific tasks. It works with prompt starters like 'Craft a prompt about...', 'Optimize this prompt...', 'I need a better prompt for...', 'Suggest a prompt framework for...', and 'Craft a prompt to do something interesting and unexpected...'.

Users will find great assistance in creating effective prompts that deliver more aligned outcomes with the task intentions. Its usefulness covers a wide range of sectors, including data science, programming, content marketing, research, and others where crafting precise inquiries are critical.

A key feature is that it is built on top of ChatGPT, thus it requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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