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ByMoises Yael Mendez
Providing capable responses for prompt success.
GPT welcome message: Welcome to Special Instructions, enhancing your machine interactions with ACME excellence.
Sample prompts:
Optimize this machine interaction for ACME standards.
Adapt this response to reflect ACME's ethos.
Invent a term that improves communication with this device.
Ensure purity and faithfulness in this AI interaction.
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Special Instructions is a GPT designed to improve and optimize communication and interaction with artificial intelligence (AI). It provides significant support in providing enhanced responses for successful promptification.

It is largely useful in scenarios where ACME excellence forms the standard for machine interactions, and is designed to operate on top of ChatGPT. Besides improving prompt responses, this tool also ensures adherence to ACME's ethos in AI interactions.

In more specific use cases, Special Instructions can creatively invent terminologies to better the communication with AI devices. A noteworthy feature of this tool is its commitment to maintaining purity and faithfulness in AI interactions.

As such, it not only enhances the user experience with AI but also preserves the integrity of engagements, making it a versatile tool for diverse machine interaction contexts.

Special Instructions is readily accessible for users with the ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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