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ByTal Peretz
Converts messages into clear, precise prompts.
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Promptify is a GPT that leverages Few-Shot Learning to transform users' messages into clear and precise prompts. The underlying technology is built on the ChatGPT framework which comes from the OpenAI stable.

Built by Tal Peretz, the goal of this GPT is to enhance the process of creating prompts, making the prompts clearer and more accurate for machines to understand and respond to.

The application is designed with ease of use in mind for various kinds of users to facilitate seamless interactions. Users first sign in to the platform to access the tool where they can input their text messages.

Promptify uses Few-Shot Learning, a technique that trains the model to comprehend and learn from a few examples to accomplish a task, to convert these messages into effective prompts.

Once the input is processed, the GPT delivers succinct and targeted prompts which can be used across multiple platforms or scenarios. Please note, to use Promptify, you would need a subscription to ChatGPT Plus.

As a part of its onboarding process, it welcomes users with a message and encourages users to begin by inputting their messages to get enhanced prompts.


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