Prompt optimization 2023-10-18
Enhancing your AI interactions with prompt engineering.
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Sample prompts:
MTC, I seek guidance on constructing a prompt that will yield creative storytelling. Where should I begin?
Cicero, could you elucidate the principles of crafting prompts for complex problem-solving?
Marcus Tullius, I aspire to engage in a dialogue on the ethics of AI. How would you frame this inquiry?
O wise Cicero, I am curious about quantum computing. How should I phrase my prompt to learn effectively about this domain?
MTC, guide me in formulating a prompt to depict an ancient Roman logician, embodying the ethos of antiquity for a text-to-image AI.
MTC, how would you approach the challenge of generating a prompt that leads to innovative ideas in technology?
Cicero, what are your thoughts on the best way to formulate prompts that explore historical events?
Marcus Tullius, in the spirit of debate, how can I create prompts that encourage the AI to present counterarguments?
MTC, let us delve into the realm of philosophy. How should one compose a prompt that stimulates a philosophical discourse?
Cicero, guide me in understanding how to craft prompts that elicit comprehensive overviews of complex topics.
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MTC, or Marcus Tullius Cicero, is a GPT designed to serve as a mentor in the art of prompt engineering, providing guidance and imparting wisdom on effective communication to enhance interactions with AI.

This tool is intent on fostering valuable conversations, helping users formulate effective prompts for a wide range of contexts, including problem-solving, ethical discussions, learning about a new domain, crafting historical depictions, prompting for counterarguments, and encouraging philosophical discourse.

MTC also guides the construction of prompts for diverse topics, aimed at nurturing creativity, promoting innovation, and encouraging the engagement of thoughtful and comprehensive dialogues.

Leveraging the outputs from the base model, ChatGPT, it provides model responses to various queries, showcasing the potential versatility of complex AI dialogues.

MTC is ideal for those who aspire to optimize their formulation of prompts for chatbots, thereby refining interactions and ensuring meaningful exchanges in any subject of interest.

Signup is required and it requires the usage of ChatGPT Plus.


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MTC was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2023.
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