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Crafting effective Chat GPT prompts.
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How should I start a conversation about...
What's the best way to ask for...
I need a creative prompt for...
Guide me through writing a prompt on...
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Prompt & Circumstance is a GPT designed to assist users with creating effective prompts for Chat GPT. It aims to provide guidance and support in crafting conversation starters or questions that can enhance the quality of interactions with Chat GPT.

Given a topic or a specific need, this GPT generates suitable prompts that optimize the Chat GPT response. For instance, users could ask 'how should I start a conversation about a certain topic', 'what's the best way to ask for a specific information', or 'guide me through writing a prompt on a given subject'.

With the help of this GPT, users can gain skills in navigating the art of conversation with another AI, ultimately leading to a more purposeful and productive exchange.

This tool could be beneficial to researchers, writers, or any individuals who regularly interact with Chat GPT and require compelling prompts. It should be noted that use of the Prompt & Circumstance GPT requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription.


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