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GPT welcome message: Bonjour, je suis Promptor. Quel est votre objectif pour le prompt ?
Sample prompts:
Quel est le contexte de votre demande de prompt ?
Décrivez l'objectif que vous souhaitez atteindre avec ce prompt.
Quelles informations spécifiques dois-je inclure dans votre prompt ?
Avez-vous des préférences ou des contraintes pour le prompt ?
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Promptor is a GPT that specializes in the creation of optimized prompts. Built atop the powerful ChatGPT, it serves as an exceptional tool for crafting effective prompts that fulfill specific needs and objectives.

Its primary utilisation lies in improving the quality of prompts used in various applications ranging from chatbots to other AI applications. By intelligently processing requests, it can consider the context, objective, information to be included and any constraints pertaining directly to the prompt that needs to be developed.

Built by, a user must sign up to utilise Promptor's functions. This AI tool requires a ChatGPT Plus subscription hinting towards its advanced usage of ChatGPT's capabilities.

It greets users with welcoming messages and interacts to gain a clear understanding of the requirements for the prompt needed. The purpose of Promptor is to deliver valuable and highly specific prompts from the input given by the user, thus helping to steer the interaction in the desired way.

Through ChatGPT Plus, Promptor provides efficient solutions to enhance the quality of interactive AI systems.


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