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Optimize your ChatGPT prompts effortlessly.
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Sample prompts:
我想让 GPT写一篇10w+的公众号,怎么写 Prompt?
我想让 GPT 写一个抖音视频脚本,怎么写 Prompt?
用 Dall-E3画一只骑在骆驼上的猫咪,Prompt怎么写?
我想让 GPT 写一篇小红书笔记, Prompt应该怎么写?
写一个大学的开题报告,Prompt 应该怎么写?
润色一篇论文,Prompt 应该怎么写?
改一段代码,Prompt 应该怎么优化?
随便发一段 Prompt,代码会自动给你优化哦~
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Prompt is a GPT specifically designed to enhance prompts for ChatGPT. The primary function of this tool is to take any prompt input by the user and optimize it, thereby facilitating the creation of more refined and efficient prompts, ideal for beginners and more seasoned users alike.

It's not just limited to creating written scripts, be it for social media posts, academic reports, or even coding. It also provides optimization of codes, making it an extremely versatile tool.

Users are enabled to ask for help on a wide array of topics, such as creating comprehensive articles, forming scripts for TikTok videos, refining university research proposals, polishing academic papers, or even enhancing a coding segment.

One can input any given prompt and receive an optimized output instantly. Prompt also coordinates explicitly with ChatGPT, implying that compatibility with ChatGPT Plus is required.

This tool is beneficial in creating enriched content or enhancing already existing material drastically, thus acting as an essential assistant to produce better quality compositions overall.


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