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ByDaniel Juhl
Your personal prompt engineer optimizing ideas.
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Optimize "What is 235 x 896?"
Optimize "If John has 5 pears, then eats 2, and buys 5 more, then gives 3 to his friend, how many pears does he have?"
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Prompty is a GPT that serves as a personal prompt engineer. Its central function involves the analysis and optimization of user-provided prompts. It accomplishes this through the application of a variety of advanced techniques, including Chain-of-thought and n-shot among others.

To leverage this tool, a user simply provides their prompt and Prompty proceeds to analyze it before returning an optimized version. The tool demonstrates a broad scope of potential applications, as it can handle and improve a wide spectrum of prompts, ranging from simple mathematical equations to more complex logical and linguistic puzzles.

The integration with ChatGPT Plus is a necessary requirement to utilize this GPT. Furthermore, as indicated by the GPT metadata, Prompty is designed to actively assist users with their prompts, featuring clear prompt starters to guide and enhance the user interaction.

As such, this tool can be particularly advantageous for those seeking to streamline the prompt creation process, and achieve optimized, efficient results.


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