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Crafts detailed prompts for LLM based on user drafts.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to craft the perfect prompt for LLM. What's your draft?
Sample prompts:
Can you help refine this draft for LLM?
I need a prompt for LLM about this topic.
How should I instruct LLM for this task?
Let's create a prompt for LLM together.
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Prompt Perfectionist is a GPT that is designed to assist in the creation of detailed prompts for LLM, a language model. This GPT processes user drafts and crafts prompts that are specifically structured to enhance the capabilities of the language model.

It can be utilized by those who are seeking guidance on how to refine their draft prompts in order to elicit the most effective response from the LLM.

The application provides various prompt starters to help users frame their inquiries more engagingly, including 'Can you help refine this draft for LLM?', 'I need a prompt for LLM about this topic', 'How should I instruct LLM for this task?', and 'Let's create a prompt for LLM together'.

The GPT operates in an interactive manner, welcoming users with a message that encourages prompt creation. A requirement for the usage of Prompt Perfectionist GPT is a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, depicting that it operates as an additional service on top of ChatGPT.

Hence, individuals who are in need of versatile prompts for their language modelling tasks may find value in this GPT offering.


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