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Take the guesswork out of prompt engineering.
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endoftext | AI Prompt Editor is a robust tool useful for improving and enhancing the quality of AI prompts through a range of comprehensive automated features.

The core premise of this tool is to provide a more efficient approach to prompt engineering by offering intelligent prompt suggestions, rewriting functions, and the automatic generation of test cases.

Users can analyze their prompts and data to identify any potential limitations and apply necessary edits. An in-built error detection system allows for the prompt issues to be detected and improved upon.

For ease and accuracy in validation, the tool automatically rewrites prompts with AI-generated fixes and creates diverse test cases to guide the update process.

This application is especially concrete for users who are developing custom GPT applications or working on LangChain projects, as the improved prompts can be effectively utilized.

Endoftext | AI Prompt Editor integrates easily with popular AI models and tools, making it a versatile choice for those working with AI models like OpenAI ChatGPT, Anthropic Claude, HuggingFace Open Source LLMs, LangChain Custom Chains, Llama IndexRAG Pipelines, and Haystack Production LLMs among others.


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Pros and Cons


Intelligent prompt suggestions
Prompt rewriting functions
Automatic test case generation
In-built error detection system
Data analysis features
Custom GPT application support
LangChain project compatibility
Anthropic Claude compatibility
HuggingFace LLMs compatibility
LangChain Custom Chains compatibility
Llama IndexRAG pipelines integration
Haystack Production LLMs compatibility
Automated prompt optimization
BETA testing available
Automated analyses of prompts
Prompt issue detection
Automatic limitations fixer
Automatic rewrite prompts
High-quality test case examples
Prompt improvement suggestions
Unlimited project support
Freedom to generate 25 prompt generations a day
Max. 50 test cases per prompt
Supports GPT 3.5 Turbo
Unlimited prompt generation (PLUS plan)
Unlimited test cases (PLUS plan)
GPT-4 and 4.5 support (PLUS plan)
Priority support for PLUS plan


No real-time collaboration
Limited prompt generations in free version
Limited test cases in free version
Usage limitation in lower tier packages
Support priority based on pricing
Possibly high computational resources needed
No custom API integration
No offline mode available
No clear data privacy measures


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