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Develop cloud apps with natural language prompts.
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Shuttle is an AI-powered platform that enables building and deploying cloud-based applications quickly and efficiently. It is designed to handle the complexity of the infrastructure and allow developers to focus on writing code.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that leverages the power of AI to generate code, provision infrastructure, and deploy the application to the cloud.

Users can simply define their project requirements using natural language prompts, and Shuttle's AI agents will analyze the request, generate code, ensure it compiles, provision the infrastructure, and deploy the application.

Shuttle claims that it can create a fully-working backend app in less than five minutes. The platform uses multiple LLM agents that work together to handle the request.

ShuttleAI breaks down the user's prompt, analyzes the project, and defines a plan of action. Then code-generation agents generate a working codebase while Shuttlify and compilation agents handle the infrastructure and any potential errors or mistakes that might appear.Shuttle supports Rust, a programming language that is known for its speed and reliability.

Shuttle features starters, documentation, and guides to help developers build complex cloud-based applications. The platform also offers a waitlist for those who want to join, and developers can give Shuttle a star on Github if they find it useful.

The platform is backed by investors, and its website uses cookies to enhance the user experience and measure engagement.


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May 15, 2024
Love using Shuttle for my Rust projects. Reliable

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Pros and Cons


Cloud-based app creation
Efficient app deployment
Handles infrastructure complexity
Focus on code writing
Infrastructure provisioning
Application cloud deployment
Natural language prompts
Project requirement analysis
Working backend app under 5 mins
Error and mistake handling
Supports Rust language
Decomposes user prompts
Project planning features
Provides codebase
Creates app plan of action
Comprehensive documentation
Backed by investors
Good UX with cookies
Github popularity
Project roadmap transparency
Community presence on Discord
Ease of adding features
Offers guides for building complex cloud-based apps
Starters for developer ease
Waitlist availability
Theme switch option
Measures user engagement


Only supports Rust language
Depends on LLM agents
Limited control over infrastructure
Less flexibility in code generation
Prompt interpretation may vary
Absence of real-time code modification
No immediate-access, only waitlist
Limited to cloud-based applications


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Can Shuttle catch errors in my code?
How does Shuttle work with cloud deployment?
What type of applications can I build with Shuttle?
Can Shuttle update and deploy changes on an existing application?
Does Shuttle offer any guides or documentation?
Does Shuttle provide any templates or starters for app development?
Does Shuttle have a waitlist?
What is Shuttle's relationship with Github?
How do I join the Shuttle community?
How do I use Shuttle's 'add-feature' command?
What do Shuttlify agents do within the Shuttle platform?
Does Shuttle work with a mobile developing environment?
How do Shuttle's AI agents analyze the project requirements from prompts?
What type of infrastructure does Shuttle provision for the application?

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