Expense tracking 2024-04-01
Voice-based AI expense tracker
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Blahget is an expense tracking app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and voice-based technology to provide an easy and unique financial management system.

Users can log their income and expenditures through voice commands, eliminating the need for typing. The app features an intelligent categorization system capable of automatically categorizing transactions, making the logging process more streamlined.

It relies on advanced speech recognition technology that learns and improves as more entries are logged. Blahget also allows users to manage data efficiently through voice commands.

Users can batch edit or delete entries through simple voice prompts. There is also an option to switch to typing mode and interact with the AI assistant for discretion in public spaces.

Users can make intelligent queries, asking the Blahget AI questions related to their expenses, making it a practical tool for budget planning and personal financial management.

Privacy measures are in place with an indication that data handling practices may apply.


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Blahget was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 1st 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Voice-based expense tracking
Automatically categorizes transactions
Adaptive speech recognition technology
Voice-command data management
Discretionary typing mode
Provides intelligent financial queries
Privacy measures implemented
Encourages budget planning
Convenient income tracking
Offers batch editing/deleting
Available on multiple devices
Continuous improvement based on feedback
Includes in-app purchases
Multi-language support
Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS
Tailor-made for iPad usage
Includes developer support
Easy usage in public spaces
Efficient personal financial management
Privacy-focused data handling


Only available on Apple devices
Potential privacy concerns
In-app purchases required
Requires iOS 16.0 or later
Limited accessibility in public (voice)
Unspecified data handling practices
Limited language support
Unclear speech recognition accuracy
Learning curve with voice commands
Must switch modes for discretion


What does Blahget do?
How does Blahget utilize Artificial Intelligence?
How can I log my income using Blahget?
Is there a feature for automatic categorization of transactions in Blahget?
Can Blahget learn and improve over time?
What is the role of speech recognition in Blahget?
How can I manage my data in Blahget through voice commands?
Is it possible to edit entries in Blahget?
Does Blahget offer a typing mode?
Can I ask Blahget questions about my expenses?
How can Blahget help me in budget planning?
What privacy measures are in place in Blahget?
Can Blahget help me with personal financial management?
How does Blahget handle my data?
Is Blahget available on the App Store?
Is Blahget compatible with my iPad?
Is it free to download Blahget from the App Store?
What languages does Blahget support?
What age rating does Blahget have?
Does Blahget offer in-app purchases?

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