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Accurate time tracking and billing solution
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Clockk is an AI-powered time tracking tool designed to help professionals accurately and effortlessly track their time spent on client projects. Unlike traditional start/stop timers, Clockk's automatic time tracking runs in the background, eliminating the need for manual time sheets.

Users can simply verify their tasks at the end of the day or week and submit them. One of the key benefits of Clockk is its ability to ensure accurate billing.

With Clockk, users can confidently bill for the time they may have lost track of when switching between projects or forgetting to start the timer. This increases profitability and eliminates the need for estimation.Clockk also offers flexibility in capturing the reality of a workday.

It allows users to jump from task to task or project to project while accurately tracking their time spent. This feature enables professionals to stay fully engaged in their work and avoids the limitations of start/stop timers.Additionally, Clockk provides data insights that can be used to plan business growth.

Users can analyze the time it took to complete past projects and utilize this data to create more profitable proposals for predictable business growth.The tool prioritizes user privacy and control, assuring that individuals have full control over who sees their tracked time.

Clockk also integrates seamlessly with popular tech products, enabling easy sharing of data.Overall, Clockk simplifies time tracking, improves accuracy in billing, and empowers professionals to work the way they want while boosting business growth.


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Pros and Cons


Automatic time tracking
Eliminates need for manual time sheets
Accurate billing
Flexibility in workday representation
Data insights for growth planning
Fully controlled user privacy
Seamless integration with popular techs
Designed for ease and accuracy
Enables task to task switch
No requirement for start/stop timers
Supports multitasking
Estimation-free work hours
Increased profitability
Not an employee monitoring platform
Ideal for professionals and consultants


Lack of manual time entry
Potential privacy concerns
Limited to preset integrations
Insufficient customization options
Inaccurate tracking mistakes
No offline mode
No task prioritization feature
Depends on constant connectivity
No start/stop timer option
No multi-language support


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How does Clockk help with business growth planning?
How secure is my data on Clockk?
What products can Clockk integrate with?
How does Clockk protect user privacy?
Does Clockk offer a free trial?
What kind of professionals can benefit from Clockk's features?
Can Clockk help me find lost billable hours?
Does Clockk track real-time or can it also capture offline work activity?
How user-friendly is Clockk’s interface?
Can Clockk help me with my project estimations?
Does using Clockk require any kind of training or setup?
How often is data synced on Clockk?
Can I share or export my Clockk data to other platforms?
Are there any discounts or special pricing plans available for Clockk?

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