Equal Time
Inclusive meetings with transcripts and time monitoring.

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Equal Time is a virtual meeting assistant tool designed to facilitate effective and inclusive meetings for everyone. It is compatible with popular platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

The tool provides features such as transcripts, notes, and action items, ensuring that every participant has an opportunity to speak. One of the key functionalities of Equal Time is its ability to monitor speaking time during meetings, promoting equitable engagement among participants.

It offers an instant, real-time view of who has spoken, for how long, and who still needs to contribute. This feature helps meeting organizers facilitate balanced discussions.Additionally, Equal Time offers AI-generated meeting notes that include transcripts, summaries, analysis of topics discussed, and action items.

These notes are sent via email immediately after the meeting concludes, reducing the burden of manual note-taking and ensuring that important information and tasks are captured.The tool serves a diverse range of users, including DEI leaders, managers, teachers, coaches, counselors, HR professionals, and engineering teams.

It helps DEI leaders drive an inclusive experience and increase representation among underrepresented groups. For managers, Equal Time supports more effective team meetings, while teachers benefit from automated attendance and participation tracking.

Coaches and counselors can use the tool to moderate discussions fairly, while HR professionals can ensure equity in hiring and employee engagement. Engineering teams can make use of the tool to ensure all voices are heard in daily standups and product meetings.Equal Time has been trusted by employees at various organizations, and it aims to improve the engagement and efficiency of meetings.

The tool strives to promote diversity, inclusion, and equity by understanding team behavior and fostering a welcoming environment.

Equal Time was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 11th 2023.
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