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Streamlines meeting note summarization.
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Arcimus is an AI tool designed to streamline the note-taking process during meetings. With Arcimus, users can create, share, and gain valuable insights from their meeting notes.

The tool automates the task of note-taking, allowing users to focus on actively participating and leading discussions. Without the need for extensive manual note-taking, Arcimus aims to enhance productivity and engagement in meetings.To get started with Arcimus, users can set up an outline that fits their note-taking preferences.

This customization allows Arcimus to fill in the notes according to the defined structure. By inviting Arcimus to meetings, users can rely on the tool to automatically generate custom meeting notes.Users can conveniently access all their meeting notes through Arcimus' timeline feature.

This timeline provides a comprehensive overview of past meeting discussions, ensuring that users can easily reference and review important details whenever needed.Additionally, Arcimus integrates with Google Docs, enabling users to view meeting details directly within the Google Docs interface.

With a simple click, users can access meeting notes and collaborate with colleagues seamlessly.Arcimus is available free of charge, and users need only sign in using their work email to avail its services.

With its automated note-taking capabilities and integration with popular productivity tools, Arcimus offers a practical solution for optimizing meeting efficiency and information management.

Arcimus was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Streamlines meeting note-taking
Allows active participation
Customizable note outlines
Automatic generation of notes
Comprehensive meeting timeline
Google Docs integration
Free of charge
with work email
Increases meeting engagement
Enhances productivity
Improves information management
Seamless collaboration with colleagues
Allows easy referencing
Quick access to past meetings
Saves time in meetings
Suits different note-taking preferences
Eliminates extensive manual work
Join meetings automatically
View meeting details instantly
Allowing insights from meeting notes


Limited app integration
Only accessible with work email
Bot-invitation required for meetings
Reliant on user-preference outline
Restricted to Google Docs
No multiple platform compatibility
Timeline feature may be overwhelming
Improperly structured notes risk
Potential privacy concerns
No distinguished premium plans


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